The One Step Together Campaign 

We are a grassroots* movement of youth, caregivers, and community members 

calling for Integrated Youth Services (IYS) in Canada. 

*This movement isn't part of any one organization, but a project led by community members to support one another in advocacy for improved youth mental health care systems!

Why This Campaign?

In our work, we have come across more and more research showing the promise of Integrated Youth Services (IYS). 

Youth-serving organizations and professionals are sharing this evidence to develop IYS across Canada, but we noticed there was still a gap in sharing this information within our communities.

We want to bring knowledge of IYS to youth and caregivers.

We need to empower one another 

to have a say in the future of our healthcare.  

The One Step Together campaign focuses on 

Community engagement at the grassroots level. 

This movement is yours and mine. 

Make it whatever you think it needs to be.

Join the Movement 

I have...

Even small actions count! 

If you have a couple of seconds (maybe even up to a minute!) raise awareness, share resources, and spread the word about improving youth mental health through community-based integrated approaches.

If you have a couple more minutes why not start building your network! 

Look to see if there are any IYS sites near you and check out their work or give 'em a follow!

Looking to get more involved?

There are lots of ways to become a change-maker in your community (and we want to help you do it!). Collaborate with your local IYS provider on different projects, read up on IYS research, fundraise, or write an op-ed!

P.S. We're not timing you 😉, don't feel like "five hours" is a hard requirement.