take action in five hours

A. Get involved with your local IYS provider

Links for specific IYS sites and their contact info can be found by clicking on the pins in the above map. We've also pulled most of them out for you below ūüĎá

Access Open Minds








Huddle Manitoba


YouthHubs AB


B. Join Our Campaign Team!

If you are passionate about youth health or community engagement we would love to connect! 

Drop us a line using our contact form here. 

C. Dive into the research ūü§ď

For those academically-inclined, or if you're feeling studious, equip yourself with some scholarly knowledge. Our research evidence page might be a good place to start! 

D. Share your experience

Your perspective is important and we would love to amplify it. 

If you'd like to write a blog post, record a video, or pen an op-ed (opinion piece) we'd be happy to work with you on it. Some great perspectives to hear about might include 

1. What its like to access/navigate integrated youth services (as a young person or as a caregiver/family member)

2. How you have been involved in youth mental health advocacy

3. What your community needs and how these needs could be addressed