We are a grassroots movement, by communities, for communities. Our goals is to come together to understand, collaborate, and advocate for better youth health services.

We need more Integrated Youth Services (IYS) for Canada's young people.

For this reason, we created this website to centralize information, learning, and advocacy for anyone interested in supporting youth health and wellbeing through the unification of services.

Integrated Youth Services (or “IYS” for short) describes a way of organizing and delivering health and social services to young folks in a one-stop-shop. These services often focus on mental health, physical health, employment, housing, etc. 

The One Step Together campaign is a grassroots movement for change-makers who want to improve youth mental health care through IYS. By sharing evidence, resources, and positive advocacy tools, we hope to be a springboard to action for anyone who is passionate about youth mental health.